Night skiing is regularly offered by three ski resorts in Harrachov - Skiareál Harrachov, Skiareál Amálka and Skiareál Hilbert. Depending on the interest, night skiing is also offered by Zákoutí and MR.Skipark. Night skiing usually starts after 4 pm. An integral part of night skiing is après-ski that is provided by all ski areas. In Skiareál Harrachov you can buy some refreshments in the Doplik bistro and after the last ride in the Stone restaurant below the slopes. Near the Skiareál Amálka there is a Rolba tent and the Skiareál Hilbert has its own snack bar right by the ski slope. 

Harrachov ski area 400 m


Ski lift Doplik operates in the sports complex Skiareál Harrachov from 4 pm. Ideally you should take the cable car to Čertova hora between 15:50-16:00 and go down to the illuminated part of the slope, which we call Osvětlenka. Night skiing at Doplik promises a perfectly groomed slope and a rest in the snack bar.

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Amálka ski area 370 m


Another place with night skiing is at the Amálka ski lift in Ryžoviště. Skiing in Ryzoviste is relaxed a offers a ride on a 370 m long slope. Of course, during every night skiing it is possible to have a snack in the snack bar.

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