Ski mountaineering is a trend of recent years and Harrachov is not lagging behind. Experienced ski mountaineers can take part in races and use Harrachov as a starting point for ridge routes permitted by the KRNAP Administration. For beginners, we have a number of easy routes starting and ending in Harrachov. Our ski rental facilities are also ready for ski mountaineers of all ages and experience levels.

Please note that routes 1, 2 and 3, which lead to the top of Čertova hora, can only be used until 4 p.m. After 4 p.m., there is a no-entry policy on the slopes. They are being groomed and a collision with a snow groomer could occur. Later on, the groomed slopes freeze overnight and they could get damaged. 


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Skimountaineering tracks in Harrachov

Routes 1 to 4 start at the cross-country stadium and lead to the mountain Certova hora at an altitude of 1020 m or to the waterfalls in the Mumlava valley. Route 5 starts at the Norma supermarket and leads through the low-traffic valley of the Kamenice river to the foot of the Jaksin mountain at an altitude of 1055 m.


Route 1: To Certova hora along the mammoth ski jump

The route starts at the cross-country stadium. At the Skicentrum hotel it crosses the Mumlava river and about 100 m behind the bridge it turns left and climbs to the end of the area with large ski jumps. It continues steeply uphill to the left of the ski jumps, disappears into the forest above the referee tower and zigzags uphill under the ski jump ramp. From there the path continues to climb slightly until the turn of the Red II slope. Here it is necessary to cross the slope with great caution to reach the point where it joins route 2. From there you have four options to return to Harrachov:

  1. go down the slope back to Harrachov
  2. go down route 2 in the opposite direction via cross-country trails back to Harrachov
  3. continue in parallel with route 2 to the top of Certova hora and go down any slope to Harrachov or Ryzoviste - if they are covered with snow and are not closed for example due to snowmaking or grooming. From the lower cableway station in Ryzoviste, you can return to the starting point after taking the first section of route 3 in the opposite direction
  4. continue to the crossing point with the blue slope in parallel with route 2 and then further along route 3 in the opposite direction through Studenov and Ryzoviste back to Harrachov

Route 2: To Certova hora on cross-country trails

The route starts at the cross-country stadium. It crosses the Mumlava River at the Skicentrum hotel and after another 300 meters it reaches a second bridge, which leads to the end of the downhill run Red II. There is a crossroads of cross-country trails right behind this bridge. Our track continues on the second path from the left, namely straight ahead and then steadily ascending the cross-country trails until it crosses the path Pilska cesta. At the next crossing with Janova cesta the path continues on the Janova cesta uphill to the crossroads with mountain shelter Na Kamlu. Here it turns sharply to the left and after a short descent it slightly rises again towards the downhill run Red II. Here it is possible to take a shortcut and return to Harrachov along this ski slope. Experienced athletes do not enter the ski slope yet and continue along route 1 sharply to the right along the ridgeway to the crossing with the blue ski slope. Then they climb to the top of Certova hora on the blue ski run. After reaching the mountain peak, you can treat yourself and get something to eat or drink in one of the two snack bars. They are open when the cable cars are in operation, usually daily from 8:30 am to 3:30 p.m. Return to Harrachov is possible in four variants which are mentioned in the description of route 1.  

Route 3: To Certova hora through Studenov

The route starts at the cross-country stadium, bypasses the area of medium ski jumps and runs past the summer pump track. Behind the restaurant and wine bar Pod Certakem it crosses the bridge over Ryzi potok and after climbing up a short steep brook bank it connects to the gas pipeline route. The path continues to rise slowly until it joins the way leading from Ryzoviste to the area of large ski jumps.

After a short gentle descent it reaches the valley station of the cable car Ryzoviste-Certova hora. When the lift is in operation, refreshments are available at the local snack bars. From there, the route bypasses the former Sporthotel Ryzoviste and connects to a path that leads diagonally up the slope to Studenov. On the way there you have to be careful when crossing the ski lift track and downhill run Amalka (if they are in operation). In the Studenov mountain saddle there is another possibility of refreshments (outdoor snack bar, Studenov cottage). The route joins the ridgeway leading from Rucicky to Certova hora here. After a short and steep climb the route passes the Johann rock and connects to the upper section of the blue slope leading through flat terrain with a gentle descent. The path climbs gradually along the edge of the downhill run to the top of Certova hora. Return to Harrachov is possible in four variants which are mentioned in the description of route 1.

Route 4 - In the valley of the Mumlava river

The route starts at the cross-country stadium and leads together with route 3 to the former Sporthotel Ryzoviste. Here you have to cross the street and after about 100 m turn sharply to the left to a less noticeable footpath along the yellow hiking trail. The route rises steeply to the left and crosses the slope diagonally to reach the ridge of Ptacinec. From here it continues through hilly terrain until the rapid descent to the Mumlava waterfall. We cross the Mumlava on a footbridge under the waterfall and reach the main skiing highway which leads to the snack bar Rübezahl´s breakfast. The second section of this route is often used by hikers in winter and therefore you have to be very careful. Stones often emerge from the ground near Mumlava. If there is a lack of snow, this section of the route may be impassable. The route climbs slightly uphill from the waterfall and leads along the Mumlava to the Lubossky bridge. Here it turns sharply to the right, crosses a bridge over Mumlava and leads steeply uphill first. Later it joins a pleasant ridgeway until it reaches the crossroads under Ptacinec. Here it turns right and after a nice final descent it ends in Ryzoviste.

Route 5 - Through the Kamenice valley

The route starts at the parking lot in front of the Norma supermarket. It rises slightly until it reaches the Harrachov bypass and crosses it in an underpass. From there it leads steadily uphill on a forest road that soon follows the Kamenice river and crosses it twice on bridges. The route leaves the agreeable forest road above the second bridge and climbs steeply uphill. On the way past the Kamenice cascade waterfall it continues to the crossing with the Terex forest road. After a gentle climb on this path it reaches the crossing Pod Jaksinem. With an altitude of 1055 meters, it is also the highest point of the entire route. There is a KRNAP refuge for hikers here. It is the only place on the route where you can rest and take some refreshment, but unfortunately only from your own resources. The route leaves the Terex forest path here and turns right. A long descent leads us to another contour road, where we turn right again and continue through flat terrain to a crossroads with a forest path called the toboggan run. If there is enough snow, you can turn down to the left and enjoy another nice descent that leads to the next contour road called the Harrach way. The route continues on this path to the right and after a few dozen meters it returns to the underpass under the town bypass. From here it returns to the starting point after a short descent. If there is a lack of snow, it is recommended not to turn onto the forest toboggan run, but to follow the solid high-altitude trail, which ends approximately half way up the Kamenice valley. We return to the starting point on the same trail after a long descent.


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