As one of the few mountain resorts, Harrachov offers not only mountain hikes and sports activities, but also a bathing beach. It is one of the most romantic and coldest bathing beaches in the Czech Republic. What makes it unique is the altitude, which also provides a natural water supply. The water is cooler, but it is 100% refreshing and always beautifully clear. In addition, your eyes will definitely not burn from chemical disinfectants.

koupaliste s lidmi

The lido is located in a quiet part of Harrachov called Zákoutí. It is situated only one kilometre from the centre of Harrachov. Directly from the information centre you can walk there through a beautiful countryside off the roads. Along the way you will enjoy some of the best views of the mammoth ski jump and the entire mountain Čertova hora.

Of course, it is also possible to reach the lido by car.

There is a refreshment stand, miniature golf, a diving tower and a climbing wall from which you can fall directly into the water. Children can also have fun in water at the local playground with a large inflatable trampoline.

Come and freshen up after a day's hike. The water not only cools you down but is said to have therapeutic effects. There are 5 rivers and streams in Harrachov and the town is located on deep thermal springs. Water is therefore inseparable from Harrachov. Do not miss this unique experience and come and witness the energy of Harrachov's waters for yourself.

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