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HARRACHOVCARD s.r.o. is a company which attends to tourism as well as cultural and sports events in Harrachov together with the Association for the Development of Tourism in Harrachov and TIC Harrachov.


HARRACHOV CARD – More than just discounts

  • We will walk you through Harrachov from A to Zwith Harrachov Card
  • Harrachov Card is not just a plastic card that you discard after use.
  • Before you start using the Harrachov Card, you will also receive a package of maps and sightseeing tips from the accommodation provider, both in Harrachov and the wider area. Discounts and sightseeing tips in the Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Harrachov Card is free of charge for guests staying in Harrachov.
  • For guests staying outside Harrachov it is possible to purchase a card that is valid for up to 2 months for CZK 200.


Our aim is to ensure that the activities of HARRACHOV CARD are available to all guests without exception, regardless of where the guests stay or how long they visit

Vladimíra Černá
Harrachov Card coordinator

With the Harrachov Card you get a free guide to Harrachov and its surroundings and you also contribute to the development of tourism in Harrachov.
The accommodation provider pays a fee to the Association for the Development of Tourism in Harrachov. This fee is part of the income of the association. From this budget, the association finances the organisation of cultural and sports events, decoration of the town and printing of promotional materials.