Picturesque corners of the snowy Harrachov tempt to walks. The most popular destination is the Mumlava Waterfall, which is located only 4 km from the town centre and can be reached on a comfortable asphalt road. From the waterfalls you can continue through the forest along the yellow trail to Ryžoviště past the old mines. From Ryžoviště, an asphalt road leads up to the mammoth ski-jump. During your walks in Harrachov you can witness ski flying training and races on smaller ski-jumps, which is a unique and unforgettable spectacle. You can then walk down to the Skicentrum Hotel. Another starting point for exploring the town is the lower station of the cable car to Čertova hora. From there you can reach the residential area of Anenské údolí. The path leads along an asphalt road and you can walk all the way to the Rybárna nature trail. Another option is to turn right into the forest at the St. John's Spring and follow the forest paths to, for example, the bobsleigh track. Another starting point for hiking can be the parking lot of the Norma supermarket. A number of cross-country skiing trails lead from here. Hiking on cross-country trails has been a trend in recent years and Harrachov, like other mountain resorts, has to cope with it. Cross-country skiing trails are primarily groomed for cross-country skiers and hiking destroys them, so they need to be groomed more often. Please consider making a contribution to the grooming of cross-country ski trails when moving around. It is possible to contribute from as little as CZK 50 conveniently by paying via QR code to a transparent public collection announced by the city. When moving along the cross-country ski trails, the skier always has the right of way. It is not permitted to enter the cross-country tracks and it is advisable to move only along the edge.


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