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We invite you to cultural and sporting events in our town under the brand of Harrachov ACTIVE. All events are designed for the general public.

Sports competitions are organized throughout the year, in particular skiing, cycling and cross-country skiing. There are always categories for top athletes as well as for amateur athletes and children. You can measure your time against the best competitors. We use modern technology for timing, which makes a delayed start possible. This has proven to be very advantageous especially in times of anti-coronavirus measures.

„We want to remain a top sports centre that will continue to attract the most diverse range of visitors. The races have been devised to allow a staggered start so that there is no hustle if the Covid-19 measures continue. We have already held several cross-country races in this way in the winter season of 2021. The interest was great and the atmosphere was wonderful," explained the deputy mayor of Harrachov, Tomáš Vašíček. 

We also invite you to cultural events, concerts, to the cinema and theatre. Harrachov stages cultural events in interesting places. In addition to traditional venues such as the church or the cinema, we also organise concerts in the meadow with a view of the mountains or on the landing area of the mammoth ski jump.


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