There are no less than four museums in Harrachov. Three of them are located within a distance of half a kilometre. In this respect, Harrachov is one of the most cultural towns in the country in terms of the number of museums per inhabitant.


Šindelka Museum of Forestry and Hunting

In the building known in Harrachov as Šindelka, roofing material - shingles - was produced from the beginning of the 19th century. Today, however, nothing is produced here; the last 60,000 shingles were used for the roof of the old Labská bouda in 1934.

Deep forests cover a large part of the Krkonoše National Park. Their care costs our foresters a lot of effort. In the exhibition we will be happy to show you how the forest is managed, but also how and why the wood is harvested. Wild animals are an essential part of the Giant Mountains forests. In our exhibition you can see with your own eyes the winter protection and the diverse wildlife that lives in the forests. Throughout the exhibition you can count 32 stuffed animals, including deer, roe deer and wild boar. A popular attraction is a working model of a splash dam - a device built in the Krkonoše Mountains since the 16th century to float felled timber over water to lower elevations.

EXPOZICE ŠINDELKA - Forestry and Hunting Exhibition of the KRNAP Administration
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tel: +420 481 528 310

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Ski Museum

A private exhibition depicting the development of skiing in Harrachov and the local ski club. On display are skis more than 100 years old, as well as ski equipment from the 1950s. Most of the exhibits come from private collections.

The pride and rarity of the collection is the 120 cm high trophy for the winners of the World Ski Jumping Championships. It is over 20 years old. Also interesting are the first medals and badges of the ski club in Harrachov, both Czech and German.

The Ski Museum offers a cross-section of history, from the beginnings of skiing in the Krkonoše Mountains in the 19th century to today's ski jumping pinnacle. It contains over 400 pairs of different skis.

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Glass Museum

Of course, there is also a glass museum in Harrachov, the town of glassmakers. The glass museum in Nový Svět includes a glassworks with a guided tour and a microbrewery with František, Čerťák and Huťské beers, which have won several awards in tasting competitions.

The Glass Museum in Harrachov, which is part of the glassworks premises, contains a technologically and historically comprehensive collection depicting more than three hundred years of glassmaking history in Nový Svět. The collection itself comprises more than 5,000 exhibits, making it the largest collection of Bohemian glass from a single glassworks in the Czech Republic.

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Museum of Mining

The mining museum and show mine were opened in March 2003 on the level of the former gallery. The museum contains samples of minerals from fluorite deposits, tools and equipment used in mining and maps and photographs documenting work in the local deposits.

The show mine is about 1000 m long. The route leads through a typical ore mine. It is filled with gravel and lit, the average annual temperature is 7°C (visitors are advised to wear warm clothes). Visitors are provided with a safety helmet when entering the mine and get to see a complete mining machine as well as minecarts, a battery locomotive, a mine loader, etc.

During the approximately 45-minute guided tour, visitors learn many interesting facts about the work in the now closed ore mines.

The area of the mining museum and the show mine is the property of the company I. Krkonošská důlní s.r.o.

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