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Čertova hora is an ideal starting point for a day hike as well as an interesting place in itself.

If you have a whole day, you can go as far as Rezek, Dvoračky, Lysá hora, or even to Špindlerův Mlýn. If you only want to see Čertova hora, then we have three short walking circuits for you, all manageable within an hour even with small children.

The ride up the Čertova hora is also interesting in itself. You pass in close proximity to the mammoth ski jump. You can also enjoy further views at the top from two vantage points.

There are also a number of menhirs at the top of the mountain, which are said to attract positive energy. Thus, the very top of Čertova hora invites you to sit down or have a picnic. If you do not have food with you, you can replenish your supplies at a local snack shop. Before heading to the ridges or back to the valley we recommend taking advantage of our two photo points. Do you prefer hell or heaven? On Čertova hora you can choose between a devil from hell or a heavenly heart, which you can send as a greeting from Harrachov.

Walking circuits on Čertova hora
Hiking routes on Čertova hora