To Mumlava – 10,2 km

This slightly difficult trail will walk you through the streets of Harrachov with many refreshment options both at its start and end. The surface of the route is mostly made up of asphalt road, but there are also sections leading on forest paths and trails. The trip is suitable for all-terrain strollers as well. The central section of approximately 5 kilometres does not provide any refreshment facilities. The approximate halfway point of the route is the bridge over the Mumlava river at Lubošská bystřina, where you will learn what the living dead Mumlava means.

The route starts in the centre of Harrachov and it descends past Hilbert and the Vertikal park to the cable car. From there you will reach the middle ski jumps on which jumpers of all ages jump not only in the winter season, children mostly from the age of 10.

You will pass the pump track then and continue over the bridge over the Mumlava river along the forest path to the cable car in Ryžoviště and further along the road to the left turn. The path climbs steeply up to the hotel complex. Here, the quiet part of the journey begins on an asphalt road, alternately in the sun or in the shade of the forest. The path will lead you to the Mumlava, where you will come across the nature trail called living dead Mumlava and learn something interesting. Follow the river downstream and you will descend gently to the Mumlava falls, where you can buy some snacks and drinks. The route back to the centre leads via side roads. To get there, you will turn to the right directly behind the bridge over the main road. You will pass the tennis courts, take a look at the Harrachov swimming pool from above and a moment later you will enjoy beautiful views of the Čertova hora with large ski jumps. You have reached the end of the route in the centre of Harrachov.

Through the Kamenice valley -  10,3 km

The moderately difficult route runs mostly on asphalt surface along the Kamenice river. A short part of the track runs along a forest stone path and is not suitable for strollers. There are no refreshment facilities on the route. You need to keep this in mind and bring your own supplies. The halfway point of the route and its highest point at the same time is the Bílá voda crossroads at 1060 m above sea level.

The beginning of the route from the centre of Harrachov leads past the Norma supermarket where you can replenish your own supplies for the whole route because there are no refreshment facilities on the way today. You will set off in the shade of the forest and, after crossing the underpass of the Harrachov bypass road at the Harrachovka crossroads, turn left and climb along the Kamenice mountain stream. Along the way you will see several small stone steps, which were created in the time of Count Harrach and protected the low-lying village from water surges during the spring snow melt and heavy rains. After about 1.5 km you will leave the asphalt road and continue straight up the forest path until you come across a waterfall that resembles a giant stone slide. Hence its original name, Plattenfall, now the Deskový waterfall. Soon you reach the Janoušek path called Terex and head right to the Bílá voda crossroads. The highest point of the route and the approximate halfway point, namely the KRNAP shelter, is an ideal place for you to rest and replenish your energy. Now you will return to Harrachov by a long descent along forest paths that will lead you to the Harrachov crossroads Sáňkařská dráha. From there you will pass the hotels Sklář and Svornost to approach the end of the route in the centre of Harrachov.

To the village of Orle – 11 km

A moderately difficult route that takes you on a visit to the Polish Jizera Mountains leads along asphalt and forest paths. It is not suitable for a trip with strollers, but if you have an all-terrain stroller, you can certainly handle some terrain unevenness on the route. The main destination is the settlement of ORLE, which offers the only refreshment option on this route.

The start of the route is in Jakuszyce, Poland. Therefore, we recommend taking the train from Harrachov to Jakuszyce. After a short gentle climb you will reach the highest point of today's route at 986 m above sea level and a comfortable walk will take you to the settlement of Orle, where you will be impressed by the omnipresent history. Today the settlement consists of only a few buildings surrounded by forest. The only listed building left from the settlement's glory days is now a tourist lodge cafeteria and a hall with a fireplace. The building of today's tourist cottage "Orle", the so-called "Hájovna", was built of hewn stone around 1860 by the owner of the glassworks, probably for administrative purposes. It is the only surviving witness of Orle's glassmaking past. On the information panel you can see a map of the Polish part of the Jizera Mountains, which may tempt you to make another trip in this area.

After visiting Orle you will head towards Jakuszyce, but by a different route than the one you came by. At the first junction with a rest area you will leave this direction and turn right. After approximately 1.5 km you will turn left from the paved gravel road onto an unpaved forest road, carefully pass through the railway tunnel and continue downhill to Harrachov. The bobsleigh run is one of the first places to make a stop to get some refreshment after a long journey.

Around Johann´s rock – 10,9 km

Most of the route is on an asphalt road and part is on a paved forest path. The route is easy and suitable for strollers as well. The highest point is right at the beginning of the route and it is the top of Čertova hora at 1020 m above sea level. There are several snack bars along the route.

The easiness of this route is due to the fact that the highest point is reached by cable car. It is located right at the beginning of the route and it is the top of Čertova hora. From here you will go over the blue slope in Ryžoviště to Johann´s trail. The first stop is at Johann´s rock, which was named after Count Johann von Harrach. It used to be a lookout point, but visibility is no longer very good because of the thick forest cover.

After a short walk you will reach the Studenov crossroads, where you can stop for refreshments or rest before the next section which leads to the next crossroads Ručičky approximately 3 km away. Here, too, a snack bar awaits you. From this point, a slow descent to Harrachov begins. Once you get out of the forest, you have the opportunity to buy something to eat or drink either at the Zátiší hut or later in one of the restaurants in Harrachov.

To Čertova hora – 9,1 km

Difficult route - ascent to Čertova hora with an elevation of 320 m with different types of surface including asphalt road, forest paths and also unpaved stony climb. There is only one snack bar on the route and it is also the highest point of the route - the peak of Čertova hora at 1020 m above sea level.

From the centre of Harrachov you will head towards the cable car and continue over the bridge over the Mumlava towards Čertova hora, where you turn to the ski jumps and cross the landing area. Quite a difficult ascent begins here, first on the asphalt road and soon after in the rocky terrain around the ski jumps. The route will lead you to the jump-off platform of the mammoth ski jump. As a reward, you can experience the feeling of a ski jumper who cannot actually see where he is falling when he bounces. Then you continue along the asphalt path with a slight incline to the ski slope where there is a wooden observation platform with a beautiful view of Harrachov and the neighbouring Jizera Mountains. The final part of the climb up the slope remains, at the end of which you can have a well-deserved refreshment in the snack bar at the top of Čertova hora. Cross the top of Čertova hora towards the blue slope to Ryžoviště, then you will descend on the blue slope to the first turn to the right, which will lead you back to the red slope below the viewing platform to the asphalt road that partly ascended from the mammoth ski jump. You will continue along this road to the junction of forest paths Na Kamlu, where you will turn right. Soon you will reach the area of winter cross-country ski trails that will lead you back to Harrachov. The shortest route is the second right turn. It is a wide sandy path that is marked on the map as point 7. It will lead you back to the bridge over the Mumlava close to the cable car where you started your ascent to Čertova hora.

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