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Harrachov is the tourist centre of the western Krkonoše Mountains. The mountain town lies on the western edge of the Krkonoše National Park and is thus surrounded by precious Bohemian landscapes. Harrachov´s narrow valley and omnipresent water distinguish the town from other Krkonoše towns. Perhaps that is why we can still feel the reverberations of ghostly apparitions here - today in the form of menhir patterns all over the valley. The property of Krakonoš and, in the 19th century, of Count Harrach, thanks to whom skiing spread to the Krkonoše, can be traced back to this area.

Today, Harrachov is a modern resort offering every comfort for 21st century visitors, while preserving many of the picturesque nooks and crannies of a mountain town where you do not even realise that you are in a town centre which is a tourist attraction. These include the Rybárna nature trail and the endless maze of forest paths used for cross-country skiing in winter.

Harrachov invites you to relax. The deep valley, five rivers and springs provide pleasant cooling in hot weather. The cable car to Čertova hora quickly takes you to the crests of the highest Czech mountains, from where you can go on day hikes and countless short walks. 

Water is omnipresent in Harrachov. Not only do five rivers and mountain streams flow together here, but the whole town is built on deep mineral springs. The water here is slightly radioactive and has been proven to have a healing effect.

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Harrachov welcomes every visitor. Whether you arrive in a luxury off-road vehicle, a camper van, hitchhiking or on horseback, we will make sure that you enjoy your stay to 100%. The town offers a wide range of accommodation, from campsites and caravan parks to mountain cabins, guesthouses and the most luxurious hotels.

Harrachov has a world-class ski jumping facility, downhill slopes and kilometres of cross-country ski trails in a variety of terrain. Everything is also in the immediate vicinity of the Čertova hora and easily accessible by foot, bike, on ski mountaineering tours and by cable car. 

Under the Harrachov ACTIVE brand, the resort offers sporting and cultural activities for everyone, regardless of age, time or physical fitness. We warmly invite you to Harrachov´s traditional cultural events, such as the annual welcome of spring with the arrival of Krakonoš, the summer woodcarving festival, the Celtic Night festival and many other outdoor concerts. Railway lovers are invited to take a ride on the unique cog railway, which is also associated with numerous cultural events such as Blueberry Saturday in August or rides in veteran cars.

Come and relax. Breathe in the fresh air, stroll through the unique nature and simply let your mind wander.