sklarna zbozi

Glassmaking has been popular in the area around today's Harrachov since the 14th century. The glassworks as we know it today was founded by Antonín Harrach Rohrau in 1712. Baroque glass from Harrachov quickly gained a quality that soon rivalled products from other areas of the Giant Mountains. Already in the 19th century, the Harrachov glassworks specialised in coloured cut glass, similar to the well-known glassworks in Kamenický Šenov or Nový Bor. From the very beginning, the glassworks belonged to the Harrach family, but after the Second World War it was taken over by the state. Since 1993 it has been in the hands of a private owner.

The glassworks offers excursions in the production and also houses the museum of glass.