You can get to Harrachov from three directions - from Poland, via the Jizera mountain road from Horní Sytová via Rokytnice nad Jizerou or from Kořenov and Tanvald. The town can be reached by the picturesque cog railway on the Tanvald - Harrachov line. There are bus connections from Prague and Liberec, but also many local connections. Of course, there are bike buses in the summer season and ski buses in winter. You can rent bicycles and scooters in town or order a taxi.




Local bus service

Timetable of the bike bus

Timetable of the bike bus - Harrachov - Mapá Úpa/Pomezní boudy

Bus timetable - Harrachov - Vítkovice/ Zlaté návrší



Bus service from the station


ARNES TAXI 776 722 131
TAXI TONDR 602 353 578
CENTRAL TAXI 608 400 699



Electric cars can be recharged in Harrachov by arrangement at the hotel Pytloun.

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