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You can obtain all types of HARRACHOV CARD either electronically or physically as a card in your accommodation in Harrachov, or from a marketing partner of the Association. If you receive the electronic card, you can print it out or show the card for identification in your phone.

"Our aim is to ensure that the activities of HARRACHOV CARD are available to all guests without exception, regardless of where the guests stay or how long they visit."
Vladimíra Černá
Harrachov Card coordinator



All guests who are accommodated at a member of the Association for the development of tourism in Harrachov will receive the blue card for free. The card is valid for the duration of stay and it includes the day of departure as well. You do not have to leave immediately, but enjoy the last day of your holiday with the Harrachov Card.
Blue Harrachov Card provides a huge variety of discounts both in Harrachov and in the wider region as well as in Poland. Blue Harrachov Card is the only guest card which offers discounts on cable cars in Harrachov.
If you did not receive the card automatically from your accommodation provider, feel free to ask for it and the provider will certainly obtain the card for you. You can also ask for various maps that will make your stay in Harrachov and the surrounding area easier, both in the summer and in the winter.


Guests who are lodged at other accommodation providers in Harrachov that are not members of the Association for the development of tourism in Harrachov will receive the green card for free. The card is valid for the duration of stay and offers discounts throughout Harrachov.


You have a unique opportunity to buy a paid Harrachov Card from selected retailers or online for the price of CZK 200,- for adults and CZK 50,- for children from 5 to 13 years of age. This card is valid for 2 months both for the summer and winter season. You can choose the applied date yourself according to your wishes, either for the summer season (from May 1 to November 30) or the winter season (December 1 to April 30). The paid card offers a number of attractive benefits for children and adults in Harrachov and the surrounding area. You will definitely not miss out on interesting places and experiences.


If you already have a golden Harrachov Card and it does not contain your name, it is a marketing card that you received from one of the partners who concluded a business partnership with Harrachov Card. The discounts with this card are always valid in the relevant summer or winter season. You can also find accommodation packages here.

HARRACHOV CARD – More than just discounts

harrachov-cardHarrachov Card s.r.o. is a company which attends to tourism, cultural and sports events in Harrachov together with the Association for the development of tourism in Harrachov.
Harrachov Card is a loyalty card for you - the visitors of Harrachov. Not only we will walk you through Harrachov from A to Z with Harrachov Card, but we will even take you one step further, for instance to our Polish neighbours and provide you with tips for trips in the surrounding area. You can receive the card for free if you stay in a hotel, pension or apartment in Harrachov, or you can buy the card at selected points of sale.

After the expiration of validity the card is not returned and remains a memory of a pleasant holiday spent in Harrachov for you.