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You can obtain all types of HARRACHOV CARD either elektronickou cestou or physically as a card in your accommodation in Harrachov, or from a marketing partner of the Association. If you receive the electronic card, you can print it out or show the card for identification in your phone. You can benefit from discounts and advantages during the validity period of Harrachov Card by presenting the card to individual providers of discounts and advantages that are involved in the Harrachov Card system.

Samolepka Harrachov card

This sticker designates the following in Harrachov:

  1. Accommodation providers which provide the blue Harrachov Card for free,
  2. Points of sale where you can buy the Harrachov Card,
  3. Discount providers that offer discounts on services, goods, entrance fees etc. with the Harrachov Card.

Harrachov attracts meThe updated list and extent of services and benefits provided is different for Harrachov Card - BLUE GUEST CARD, Harrachov Card - GREEN GUEST CARD, Harrachov Card - GOLDEN PAID CARD and Harrachov Card - GOLDEN MARKETING CARD. It can be found in the section "Where to get benefits" and in the leaflet that is available at all outlets/points of sale of the HARRACHOV CARD.

In case of loss of your Harrachov Card, please contact the specific place where you card was issued. After proving your identity your original card will be blocked and a new card will be issued. Information regarding the discounts and benefits that have been used so far will be transferred to the new card.

Harrachov Card is non-transferable. The applicant and as a result the holder of the card as well are obligated to prove their identity on demand at points of sale, outlets and providers of discounts and benefits. Detailed contractual conditions for obtaining and using HARRACHOV CARD are available here...

HARRACHOV CARD – More than just discounts

harrachov-cardHarrachov Card s.r.o. is a company which attends to tourism, cultural and sports events in Harrachov together with the Association for the development of tourism in Harrachov.
Harrachov Card is a loyalty card for you - the visitors of Harrachov. Not only we will walk you through Harrachov from A to Z with Harrachov Card, but we will even take you one step further, for instance to our Polish neighbours and provide you with tips for trips in the surrounding area. You can receive the card for free if you stay in a hotel, pension or apartment in Harrachov, or you can buy the card at selected points of sale.

After the expiration of validity the card is not returned and remains a memory of a pleasant holiday spent in Harrachov for you.