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How it works - Harrachov Card

Immediately after receiving HARRACHOV CARD you can begin to draw benefits and discounts, and it is showing this card at various providers discounts and benefits that are in the system HARRACHOV CARD involved.

For easier orientation the HARRACHOV CARD sticker is placed at the:

  1. Accommodation provider where the HARRACHOV CARD can be obtained for free.
  2. Sale point where the HARRACHOV CARD can be purchased.
  3. Benefit provider where you can get discount on services, goods, tickets, etc..

Updated list and range of offered services and benefits, which is different for HARRACHOV CARD - GUEST CARD and HARRACHOV CARD-PAID CARD It is available in the section called "Where to get benefits" and in all distribution /sales points where the HARRACHOV CARD can be obtained.

In case of loss of HARRACHOV CARD contact the location where your card was issued.
After proving your identity the original card will be blocked and new card will be issued to which also the information about so far used benefits and discounts will be transferred.

HARRACHOV CARD is not transferable. The applicant for the card issue and subsequently the holder of this card are required to prove their identity at the request in the distribution / sales points and also at discounts and benefits providers. Terms and Agreements to get and to use HARRACHOVCARD are available on distribution / sales point.

Harrachov Card

harrachov-cardHARRACHOV CARD is a loyalty card for you - Harrachov visitors. With this card you can get discounts on services and other benefits. You can get the card free of charge if you are accommodated in a hotel or pension integrated into the HARRACHOV CARD system, or you can buy the card at the selected locations.
Once expired the card is not returned but remains with you as a memory of pleasant vacation spent in Harrachov.