harrachovske rybnicky

On Saturday 11 July 2020, Harrachov officially opened the revitalised ponds in Anenské údolí. Their history goes back to Count Harrach. Harrachov has thus gained a new recreational area and new elements for water retention in the landscape.

The ponds are located in Anenské údolí on the Rybárna nature trail. They were founded in 1873 by Count Harrach for the purpose of trout farming, which continued until 1933, when the fish farm burnt down. Today, only one of the original ponds in the cascade remains.

As part of the revitalisation, two newly created ponds were connected to the existing one. Due to the construction work in Anenské údolí it was no longer possible to use the historical inflow from Bílá voda, so the designer decided to use a natural spring directly in the area of the ponds.