Despite their difficulty, the racing cross-country terrains are very popular, mainly because of the easy access from the centre of Harrachov. You can put on your cross-country skis at Startpoint B - Běžecký stadion, or on the other side of the town at Startpoint L - Rybárna. This is a network of interconnected paths on the northwestern slope of Čertova hora, part of which is regularly groomed by snowcats. At all junctions you will find a cross-country terrain map that shows you where you are. You can choose where to go next by following the directional arrows. We recommend that you follow the direction of the individual paths, which is indicated both on the terrain maps and in the app There are several steeper descents on the trails, where experienced cross-country skiers move really fast. Failure to follow the direction of travel could lead to unpleasant collisions. Depending on your fitness and abilities, you can burn off energy on these terrains and quickly return to town at any time. The white trail of these terrains is also one of the ways to get on the Harrachovská magistrála


Basic circuit

As an example, we present a 6.9 km long circuit with start and finish at Startpoint B - Běžecký stadion. The whole route is difficult, with alternating steep climbs and descents throughout, supplemented by occasional flat passages where you can rest for a while.

Basic circuit

Route variants:

1. Velká paseka - this circuit again starts and finishes at Startpoint B - Běžecký stadion. It is 3.7 km long and it presents a shorter option of using the racing terrain. It can be described as moderately difficult. There is only one challenging climb and one downhill. Very often you will meet children from Harrachov here during their cross-country training. Map

2. Startpoint L - the start of the race terrain from the other end of Harrachov is a pleasant way to run any route you choose, or to connect to the basic circuit, Velká paseka or climb to the top of Čertova hora. The return to Startpoint L - Rybárna is marked by the lower path along the Mumlava river. Map