The Terex trail offers several options to shorten or extend your planned cross-country trip. The trail is one of the more difficult ones because it constantly alternates between ascents and descents and there are no refreshment options on the trail. You can start from the road towards Poland, where you can find map no. 26 Odbočka na cestu Terex. If you start at Startpoint E - U biatlonového kolečka, you do not have to worry about transport to map no. 26 Odbočka na cestu Terex, but you will add 2 km of climbing on the old customs path along the road. Don't forget to turn right into the woods after about 2 kilometres. The turn-off is not signposted, but you will certainly not miss it. Please take extra caution when crossing the road before getting on the Terex trail.

Basic circuit

If your skis are properly waxed and you have enough energy left, you can set out on the 6 km climb to the first and last resting area of the KRNAP on the Terex trail at map no. 22 Bílá voda. Expect the next 6 km to go mostly uphill with occasional descents to map no. 18 Odbočka pod Voseckou. If you decide to take a break and refresh yourself at Vosecká bouda, you must first climb 1 km or you can continue on our route right away and enjoy the longest and most beautiful descent in the western Krkonoše Mountains through the entire Mumlava river valley. At the end of the trip you can buy some refreshments at the Mumlava waterfalls or visit one of your favourite restaurants in Harrachov. The route ends at Startpoint C - Bus station.

Basic circuit

Route variants:

1. Descent through the Kamenice valley - the most comfortable and shortest variant is 13.9 km long and has an elevation difference of 200 m on the first 6 km of the route.  It is the only possibility to shorten the Terex route. At the only KRNAP resting area at map no. 22 Bílá voda you have to turn right and return to Harrachov through the Kamenice valley. Prepare for a descent with a flat passage in the middle, which ends at map no. 29 Harrachovka. Here you can turn right and go down to Startpoint D - Norma and end the trip here. However, you can also continue along the Harrachovka trail 2 km to Mumlava waterfalls, where you can rest, stop for refreshments or reach the end of the trail at Startpoint C - Bus station without stopping. Map

2. Kladová cesta - the longest and most challenging route, 23 km long. Due to the length of the route, we recommend a visit to the Vosecká bouda, which can be found after the first half of the route. When descending from the Vosecká bouda, turn left at map no. 17 Krakonošova snídaně to the bridge over the Mumlava river and climb 1 km along the Kladová cesta to map no. 17 Heliport. Here you will find a beautiful descent with a flat passage in the middle, which ends in Rýžoviště at Startpoint F - Lesní zátiší. Map