The chapel of St. Elisabeth dates from the 18th century. Its location in front of the glassworks is not accidental. The chapel was built by Anna Elisabeth Muller, the wife of the glassworks director. This original wooden chapel became unusable after the construction of the St. Wenceslas Church in Harrachov in 1786 and gradually fell into disrepair.

The chapel was restored in 1901 by Count Jan Harrach, who had it built in its present form. The pseudo-Gothic building has been consecrated since 1902. Interestingly, the material for the construction came from local sources: The coats of arms and statues are made of Horice sandstone. Their author is the well-known Czech sculptor Antonín Sucharda.

The Chapel of St. Elizabeth has a unique glass bell cast in a local glassworks.

In 2020, the chapel was restored by volunteers from Harrachov and lit up for the first time at Christmas 2020. The stained glass windows of St. Elisabeth´s Chapel shine into the winter evenings and, together with the illuminated mammoth ski jump, round off the atmosphere of winter evenings in Harrachov.