harrachovske rybnicky

Harrachov has a total of 9 ski jumps, which no other ski resort can boast. The smallest ski jumps, K8, K10, K18 and K26, are located in the Kaml area and are used for training and competitions for beginners. The other five ski jumps are situated in Čerťák. Behind the Skicentrum Hotel are the youth ski jumps K40, K70 and K90 and above them on the right the K125 and the mammoth ski jump. Both jumps have hosted almost 40 World Cup races in the past, and the mammoth ski jump, one of only five ski jumps of its kind in the world, has hosted the World Ski Flying Championships four times.

The K mark for the size of the ski jumps designates the construction point of a ski jump that marks the beginning of the break, the so-called transition curve. In the past, ski jumps were marked with the letter P, which denoted the normal point of a jump. Recently, the ski jumps on which larger competitions are held are marked HS (hill size), which indicates the maximum safe distance that can be reached on the ski jump.  The two largest ski jumps in Harrachov today are designated HS 142 and HS 212.

The complex of small ski jumps on Kaml has been built since the end of the 1960s. It got its current appearance after a complete reconstruction forced by a devastating flood in 2007. All the ski jumps are covered with plastic so that jumping is possible even in summer. On the site of today's area of the middle jumps, the first German club ski jump, the „Teufelsschanze“ (Devil´s ski jump), had stood since 1920. In the 1950s, two more ski jumps were added. The smallest, today's K40, was the first ski jump in Bohemia in 1956 and the second in the world to be covered with plastic. Since 1998, the K90 ski jump has also been covered with plastic, but in recent years it has only been used in winter for safety reasons. The large ski jumps have been built since 1977 and were completed before the Ski Flying World Championships in 1983. The site has been rebuilt several times. Today, unfortunately, the condition of the ski jumps is very poor and a state grant for a complete renovation is pending. The ski jumps at Čerťák are now the property of Areál skokanských můstků o.p.s. One of the founders, the Harrachov Ski and Tourist Association, has set up a public collection to save them. Thanks to the collection, the K40, K70 and K90 ski jumps are back in operation and are the only winter ski jumps in the Czech Republic helping to save the once successful sports of ski jumping and Nordic combined.


Records of the Harrachov ski jumps:  

            K40                             43,5m             František Vaculík

            K70                              77 m               Jan Matura

            K90      winter               101,5m           Wilhellm Brenna (NOR)

            K90      summer            102 m             Roman Koudelka

            K125                            151 m             Martin Koch (AUT)

            K185                            214,5 m          Matti Hautamaeki (FIN)

                                                                       Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) 2x

                      longest flight        224m              Jurij Tepeš (SLO) - with fall