harrachovske rybnicky

Mumlava Waterfall is one of the most powerful and beautiful waterfalls in the Czech Republic.

Mumlava Waterfall is accessible all year round and you can see it beautifully from the wooden footbridge where the yellow hiking trail crosses the blue one.

One of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the western part of the Krkonoše National Park, it is a perfect type of horizontal solid waterfall in the country. Mumlava Waterfall is less than 1.5 km from Harrachov. It rises from the Harrachov Basin and amazes its visitors in all seasons. The almost 10 m high and 10 m wide waterfall (if there is less water, it divides into several arms) plunges with a mighty roar for most of the year to reach impressive granite throughs, which have gained the name of giant pots or also devil's eyes. The giant pots follow the entire course of the Mumlava and offer great refreshment and swimming in the summer months. The waterfall has different heights and slopes in different places, with the left side being slightly steeper and higher.

Mumlava Waterfall is an easily accessible place. You can reach it from the Harrachov bus station by following the blue trail past the Šindelka forestry exposition. There is an asphalt road leading to it, which you can follow on foot or by bicycle, only motor vehicles are not allowed. Another option is to walk past the mining museum, where the ore mines used to be.

If you go to Mumlava Waterfall in winter, you may have the opportunity to observe a massive icefall. It is formed by frost, which turns the water into an original icy beauty. A stone's throw away from the waterfall you can refresh yourself in the Mumlavská bouda, which used to serve as a forester's lodge in Harrachov.