Welcome to the Harrachov pump track!

You can ride your bike while moving your body up and down. Come and test your balance and have a lot of fun with your friends, kids or the whole family. You can enjoy the track on any type of bike, either just for fun or as a stop on a day trip in the western Giant Mountains.

Harrachov pumptrack is easy to find, just a short walk from the bus station and the impressive Skicentrum Hotel towards the Rýžoviště district. The Mumlava River flows by, so it is possible to swim in the energetic and guaranteed healing water from the mountains after a hard training or an unwanted crash. 

Our pumptrack is a route with terrain waves and turns which can be ridden more or less without pedalling. Of course, it is also ready for experienced riders who can try out the most challenging jumps in the deep valley of the western Giant Mountains.

Entrance is free and without restrictions, just please follow the operating rules which hang at the entrance to the track.

So, have fun pumping and as few collisions as possible!

PumpTrack Harrachov, z. s.